Horses And Trees
Celluloid NY 6126D
recorded 1986 in USA
Ginger Baker, drums
Foday Musa Suso, Dousongonni
Shankar, violin
Bernie Worrell, Hammond organ
Nicky Skopelitis, guitar
Bill Laswell, bass
Daniel Ponce, bata, bells
Aiyb Dieng, tschatan, bells
Funk Of Ages
Gramavision R279460
recorded 1990 in New York City/USA
Bernie Worrell, clavinet, organ, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Jordan, drums, guitar, percussion, vocals
Charley Drayton, bass, guitar, percussion
Keith Richards, guitar
Gary Cooper, vocals
Loren Qualls, vocals
Uptown horns
William Collins, bass, guitar
Herbie Hancock, keyboards
Maceo Parker, sax
Middle Passage
Island Records 210879
recorded 1990 in USA
Ginger Baker, drums
Jah Wobble, bass
Jonas Hellborg, bass
Bill Laswell, bass
Nicky Skopelitis, guitar
Faruk Tekbilek, Ney, Zurna
Bernie Worrell, Hammond organ
Aiyb Dieng, Doff, Dumbek
Mar Gueye, Sabar
Magette Fall, Tama
Ritual Beating System
Island Records 314510856-2
recorded 1992 in New York City/USA
Carlinhos Brown, guitar, percussion, vocals
Olodum, drums
Wayne Shorter, soprano sax
Herbie Hancock, piano
Bernie Worrell, Hammond B3 organ
Henry Threadgill, flute
Larry Wright, buckets
David Chapman, buckets
Tony "Funky Drummer" Walls, drums
The Other Side
recorded 1992/93 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Bernie Worrell, Hammond B3 organ, syntheziser
Fred Wesley, trombone
Vincent Chancey, French horn
Marty Ehruch, bass clarinet
Janet Grice, bassoon
Patience Higgins, clarinet
Amina Claudine Myers, Hammond B3 organ
Bill Laswell, loops, samples
Blacktronic Science
Gramavision R279474
recorded 1993 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Bernie Worrell, Hammond B3 organ, syntheziser, harpsichord
George Clinton, vocals
Bootsy Collins, guitar
Gary Cooper, vocals
Maceo Parker, alto sax
Fred Wesley, trombone
Bill Laswell, loops, samples
Aiyb Dieng, cowbells, percussion
Tony Williams, drums
Save Our Children
Verve 557297-2
recorded 1998 in West Orange, NJ/USA
Pharaoah Sanders, soprano sax, tenor sax
William Henderson, piano, harmonium
Bernie Worrell, organ, piano, syntheziser
Tony Cedras, harmonium
Jeff Bova, synthesizers
Alex Blake, bass
Zakir Hussain, tablas, mbira, voice
Trilok Gurtu, drums, tablas, percussion
Abdou Mboup, talking drum, voice
Abiodun Oyewole, voice
Asante, voice
Live At Wetlands
recorded live march 1999 at Wetlands in New York, NY/USA
Jimmy Herring, guitar
Bernie Worrell, organ
Jeff Sipe, drums
NN, bass
Live At The Beachland Ballroom
recorded live april 2013 in Cleveland, OH/USA
Bernie Worrell, keyboards
Andrew Kimball, guitar
Kyle Cadena, guitar
Scott Hogan, bass
Glen Fittin, percussion
Evan Taylor, drums
Nicole Scorsone, violin
Derek Davis


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