Nicholas Hoffman: Nick's Tricks

cover picture Jazz Friends Productions JFP 32096
distribution: email jazzkoo@memes.com

Nicholas Hoffman, guitar
Barney McClure, Hammond B-3 organ
Larry Jones, drums
Brian Kent, tenor sax
Rick Mandyck, tenor sax
Debra Chang, vocals

The American guitar player Nicholas Hoffman, playing in the good tradition of such jazz heroes like Wes Montogomery, has a keen interest for organ players. On this CD, Nicholas assembles a quartet in which Barney McClure takes the part of the organ player. Barney has a very good and fluent technique, surely shaped by the great masters of the Hammond organ, but restraining himself a little bit.
Most of the titles are standards like Four (Miles Davis), Love For Sale (Cole Proter) or Take Five (Paul Desmond). From the very beginning, it becomes a pleasant event listening to this music.



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