Barbara Dennerlein: Outhipped

cover picture Verve 547503-2

Barbara Dennerlein, Hammond Organ, footpedals, synthesizer
Don Alias, percussion
Ray Anderson, trombone, tuba
Dennis Chambers, drums
James Genus, bass
Craig Handy, tenor sax, baritone sax
Antonio Hart, soprano sax, alt sax
Steve Nelson, marimba, vibes
Alex Sipiagin, flugelhorn
Steve Slaggle, flutes
Mitch Watkins, guitar
Jeff 'Tain' Watts, drums

Satisfaction - the only track which was not composed by Barbara - Mick Jagger sends his regards. Very hippy, whatever that is. Or outhipped, whatever that is. I would say, very funky, and that's the point. Most of the music on this CD is funky. Funky what? We remember the late 60s with all the funky style music which knocked you sideways. Apart from some harmonies of the 90s there are no new aspects in the development of Barbara's music. That does not mean that this CD is not worth listening to. It's an excellent way of playing the organ, and all the other musicians make a wonderful job. Remains the question: So what's new? It's not 5 star - but 4 1/2 is also worth it.


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