Nicholas Hoffman: Jazzy's Dance

cover picture Jazz Friends Productions JFP 22458
Nicholas Hoffman, guitar
Hadley Caliman, tenor sax
Joey DeFrancesco, Hammond B-3 organ
Dave Mathews, Hammond B-3 organ
Mark Ivester, drums

The second release of Chiacogoan guitar player Nicholas Hoffman lets you listen to a typical quartet in which the organ takes an important part. Groups like this one were very common in the 60's and 70's when the Hammond had its summit what concerns its popularity. No less a person than Joey DeFrancesco join this quartet to give his impressions about fantastic organ jazz.
What takes us by surprise is the wonderful playing of the organ player Dave Mathews. His organ is vital, at the same time with a deep feeling. You are absolutely not aware of the fact that he switched over from the piano. Thanks to Nicholas for this discovery!


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