John Wolf Brennan: Pipelines

cover picture Leo LR 292

John Wolf Brennan, pipe organ
Hans Kennel, trumpet, alphorn
Marc Unternährer, tuba

Pipeliens is a remarkable disk - in every respect, whether the arranging of the instruments (alphorn, tuba, trumpet, pipe organ) or the choice of compositions, which come from Hans Kennel and John Wolf Brennan. The latter can not be more contrasting: from a folksy "Chüereiheli" (Swiss cattle calls), a patriotic "Häb CH läb" (I love Switzerland), via dedications to Paul Klee and Steve Reich, via tangos up to atonal cluster improvisations and seldom used times such as the 7/8 in "Heptao" or the 13/8 in "Gravity" - Pipelines hardly leaves any variant.

Remarkable is also John's organ playing. As educated organist of classical works from Bach to Messiaen, he knows excellently how to handle a pipe organ. His skills of using the organ's voices are well-developed. Thus he is able to give his playing the necessary nuances, to let the organ sort of sing and speak. John knows how to combine skilfully unusual harmonies to sound domes, and by them gives the organ a nearly eery sound. Then, he resolves the domes into flowing sequences of notes.

Hans Kennel, mainly playing the trumpet, is an equal artist. The ensemble of the organ and the trumpet is highly harmonic.

Pipelines is a very worthy experience.



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