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Brunet/van Hove:
Label Saravah SHL2103
recorded June 1997 at Saint-Germains-des-Prés in Paris/France and November 2000 at Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul in Montreuil/France
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Fred van Hove church organ
Étienne Brunet soprano sax, alto sax


Track List
01: Improvisation 1
02: Improvisation 2
03: Improvisation 3


Van Hove has made a name for himself as a leading piano and organ player in the free jazz scene of Belgium. This new project has been produced in France, however, in the very famous Parisian church Saint-Germain des Prés (1997) and in Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul in Montreuil (2000).
Fred's famous huge sound creations can be heard on this CD as well. The organist sees his instrument as a mighty sound creator and loves to show it. Gigantic sound waves of mostly atonal music pour from the pipes. Nevertheless, Fred van Hove knows exactly when to reduce the loudness of the organ, to give room for the saxes which form plaintive cries.
It is remarkable that the titles are called just "Improvisations 1", followed by the next number. There are no references to compositions or songs at all. The two artists offer an impressive, nonetheless a demanding music.


Sound Samples


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