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Chiara Civello:
Last Quarter Moon
Label Verve Forecast B0003473-02
recorded in New York/USA
online distribution


Chiara Civello Fender Rhodes, piano, percussion, vocals
Miguel Zenón alto sax
Guilherme Monteiro guitar
Adam Rogers guitar
Larry Goldings Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Alain Mallet Fender Rhodes, melodica
Rob Mounsey keyboards
Mike Mainieri vibes
Mark Stewart cello
Alex Alvear bass
James Genus bass
Ben Street bass
Paulinho Braga drums
Steve Gadd drums
Clarence Penn drums
Dan Rieser drums
Jamey Haddad percussion
Daniel Jobim vocals


Track List
01: Here Is Everything
02: The Wrong Goodbye
03: Ora
04: Caramel
05: Parole Incerte
06: Last Quarter Moon
07: Nature Song
08: In Questi Giorni
09: Sambaroma
10: Trouble
11: Outono
12: I Won't Run Away




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