Mauri Sancis: Good Vibes

cover picture BHM 1018-2

Mauri Sanchis, Hammond organ, synthesizers
Bill Evans, sax
Dean Brown, guitar
Javier Vargas, guitar
Joey DeFrancesco, trumpet
Blas Fernández, drums
Xavi Alamán, bass
Kiko Berenguer, sax
Raúl García, trumpet
Diego de Lera, bass

"Listen to this. This should be cookin'", said tenor player Bill Evans, and Mauri Sanchis found out that exactly this is his way: Funky rhythms, a crying sax, a roaring organ, a powerful bass and drums, that's the recipe for Good Vibes. Mauri gets on with his way of jazz music he started with when he released his first album "Less Is More" in 2003.

Mauri prepared this production for a long time. He had a very special idea. He collected voices, yes, voices. Voices of organists and fans, telling something about this unique thing they call a Hammond organ. All these voices were mixed into the last track of this album, "Beauty in the B", which is the title of Mark Veil's wonderful book about the Hammond organ (see a description in the section "sheet music/books"). So it does not take us by surprise that Mark wrote the very first review of Good Vibes.

Mauri has succeeded in producing a sweeping CD you will enjoy.