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Paolo Negri:
Hotel Constellation
label Hammondbeat HBR-016
online distribution


Miss Modus vocals
Paolo Negri organ
Marco Murtas guitar
Renzo Bassi bass
Alberto Maffi drums


Track List
01: The Creation Of Onuris
02: Hotel Constellation
03: Mizara's Deluded Heart
04: Supernova
05: The Death Star Predator Of Hearts - Thresis 321
06: Wrecking Machine
07: They Were All Starry Eyed
08: Barbarella
09: Dione's Broken Heart
10: Stop Calling
11: The Mirrored Love Of Cassiopea
12: Silhouette
13: Peggy Tom's Lament
14: Second Skin
15: Lyra's Seductive Sacrifice
16: Love Safari
17: Odin's Call
18: Tears Don't Fall




Sound Samples
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