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Lou Ann Barton:
The Best!
label RockBeat Records ROC-3201
recorded compilation
online distribution


Lou Ann Barton vocals
Joe Sublett alto sax, tenor sax
David "Fathead" Newman tenor sax
Greg Piccolo tenor sax
Al Garthy sax
Mark Kazanoff sax
Rocky Morales sax
Doug James baritone sax
Kas Kasenoff baritone sax
Luke McMamee baritone sax
Ephraim Owens trumpet
Denny Freeman guitar
David Grissom guitar
Derek O'Brien guitar
Bill Pitman guitar
Mel Brown piano
Dr. John piano
Danny Levin piano
Mike Kindred piano
Bill Willis organ
Reese Wynans organ
Barry Beckett keyboards
Clayton Ivey keyboards
Kim Wilson harmonica
Keith Ferguson bass
Jon Blondell bass
Sarah Brown bass
David Hood bass
Ronnie James bass
Tommy Shannon bass
Fran Christina drums
Roger Hawkins drums
Chris Layton drums
George Rains drums
Jimmie Vaughan vocals


Track List
01: Rocket In My Pocket
02: Sugar Coated Love
03: Good Rockin Daddy
04: Every Night Of The Week
05: Maybe
06: You Can Have My Husband
07: You'll Lose A Good Thing
08: Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
09: Shake Your Hips
10: Te Ni Nee Nu
11: Shake A Hand
12: I Idolize You
13: Bad Thing
14: It's Raining
15: I'm Old Enough
16: In The Middle Of The Night
17: Send Me Some Lovin'
18: I'm In The Mood For You
19: Shake A Hand




Sound Samples
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