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Jeff Coffin:
Side Up
label Ear Up Records EU0405
recorded February and May 2013 in Nashville/TN/USA
online distribution


Jeff Coffin sax, percussion
Denis Solee tenor sax
Barry Green trombone
Roy Agee trombone
Bill Fanning trumpet
Denis Solee tenor sax
Mike Haynes trumpet
Rod McGaha trumpet
James Dasilva guitar
Ryoko Suzuki harmonium
Chris Walters piano, Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3 organ, Fender Rhodes
Pat Bergeson harmonica
Radha Botofasina harp
Felix Pastorius bass
Carl Sealove bass
Roy 'Futureman' Wooten drums, percussion
R. Scott Bryan congas
Zakir Hussain tabla
Herlin Riley tambourine


Track List
01: And So It Begins
02: Peace Now
03: Low Hanging Fruit
04: Steppin' Up
05: As You Were
06: Scratch That Itch
07: Mogador
08: Yukemi
09: The Scrambler
10: Albert's Blue Sky




Sound Samples
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