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Kat Edmonson:
The Big Picture
label Masterworks 88843 08459 2
recorded in Santa Monica, CA/USA
online distribution


Kat Edmonson percussion, vocals
Dan Higgins alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Lori Stuntz trombone, bass trombone
George Doering guitar
Steve Elliot guitar
Greg Leisz pedal steel
Val McCallum guitar, banjo
Mitchell Froom harmonium, organ, piano
Jeff Young piano
Brad Dutz vibes
Chris Lovejoy marimba, percussion
string section
Davey Faragher bass
Bob Gloub bass
Ian Walker bass
David Piltch bass
Matt Chamberlain drums
Pete Thomas drums, percussion
Aaron Thurston drums
Michael Urbano drums, percussion
Brian Wolfe drums, percussion


Track List
01: Rainy Day Woman
02: You Said Enough
03: Oh My Love
04: Avion
05: Crying
06: All The Way
07: You Can't Break My Heart
08: Till We Start To Kiss
09: The Best
10: Dark Cloud
11: For Two
12: Who's Counting




Sound Samples
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