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Brian Bennett:
Drama Montage Vol. 1 & 2
Label Vocalion 2CDSML 8511
recorded 1978 in London/Great Britain
originally released 1978/79 as Drama Montage and Drama Montage Volume Two
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Brian Bennett drums
Alan Hawkshaw organ
no further details known


Track List
Drama Montage
CD1-01: Drama Montage
CD1-02: Drama Montage Link 1
CD1-03: Drama Montage Link 2
CD1-04: In Danger
CD1-05: In Danger Link 1
CD1-06: Surveillance
CD1-07: Getting Close
CD1-08: Maniac
CD1-09: Heavy Traffic
CD1-10: Getaway
CD1-11: Fast And Furious
CD1-12: Flying Fists
CD1-13: Prowler
CD1-14: Darkside
CD1-15: In Suspense
CD1-16: Thoughtful
CD1-17: The Plot
CD1-18: The Plot Link
CD1-19: Routine Check
CD1-20: Thug
CD1-21: In Terror
CD1-22: Startle 1
CD1-23: Startle 2
CD1-24: Pussy Foot
CD1-25: Pussy Foot (As Above With Regular Bars)
CD1-26: Foiled
CD1-27: Foiled Again
CD1-28: Foiled Again (Tag Only)

Drama Montage Volume 2
CD2-01: Mr Big
CD2-02: Mr Big Link 1
CD2-03: Mr Big Link 2
CD2-04: Villain
CD2-05: Spiv
CD2-06: Hip Joint
CD2-07: Hip Joint Link
CD2-08: Psychopath
CD2-09: Psychopath Link
CD2-10: Knuckleduster
CD2-11: Knuckleduster Link
CD2-12: Thrash 1
CD2-13: Thrash 1 Link 1
CD2-14: Thrash 2
CD2-15: Thrash 2 Link 2
CD2-16: Got It Made
CD2-17: Got It Made Link
CD2-18: Blueprint For Murder
CD2-19: Stealth
CD2-20: Watchful Eye
CD2-21: Watchful Eye Link
CD2-22: Fuse
CD2-23: Fuse Link
CD2-24: Timewatch
CD2-25: Waiting
CD2-26: Eye-Opener 1
CD2-27: Eye-Opener 2
CD2-28: Girl Alone
CD2-29: Day Off




Sound Samples
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