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Josh Nelson:
Exploring Mars
Label Origin Records 82687
recorded February 2014 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
online distribution


Josh Nelson trumpet, piano, Nord Electro 3
Alan Ferber trombone
John Daversa trumpet
Brian Walsh bass clarinet
Larry Koonse guitar
Larry Goldings Hammond B-3 organ
Dave Robaire bass
Dan Schnelle drums
Kathleen Grace vocals


Track List
01: Bradbury's Spirit
02: Sojourner
03: Memnonia Quadrangle
04: How You Loved Me On Mars
05: Opportunity
06: Solis Lacus, The Eye Of Mars
07: Mars, The Bringer Of War
08: Curiosity
09: Syrtis Major, The Hourglass Sea
10: Spirit




Sound Samples
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