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Doc Bagby:
Smooth Organ Groove Organ
Label Jasmine Records 604988 02752 5
recorded compilation
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Doc Bagby Hammond organ
further details unknown


Track List
CD1-01: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
CD1-02: I Surrender Dear
CD1-03: For You
CD1-04: Diane
CD1-05: Little Red Riding Hood
CD1-06: Jo-Jo
CD1-07: I Want A Little Girl
CD1-08: Hay Ride
CD1-09: Soft One
CD1-10: Grinding
CD1-11: Joy Ride
CD1-12: The House Rocker
CD1-13: Cherry
CD1-14: Harmonica Boogie
CD1-15: You're So Delightful
CD1-16: Misty Morning
CD1-17: Honky Tonk In Silk
CD1-18: Love Mood
CD1-19: Ebb Tide
CD1-20: Sweet Confusion
CD1-21: Dumplins
CD1-22: Sylvia's Callin'
CD1-23: Happy Feet
CD1-24: Crazy Chemistry
CD2-01: Shim Shimmy
CD2-02: Drifting
CD2-03: Dumplins (Later Version)
CD2-04: Mix It Up (Pot Luck)
CD2-05: Rubberneck
CD2-06: Cornbread
CD2-07: Little Geech
CD2-08: Billy's Bounce
CD2-09: Pancake Hop
CD2-10: The Spider
CD2-11: Pony Walk
CD2-12: Phoenix
CD2-13: Doctor Rock
CD2-14: Cornbread (Later Version)
CD2-15: Home Run
CD2-16: Cloud Eight
CD2-17: Rusty
CD2-18: Rock And Roll Cha Cha
CD2-19: Muscle Tough
CD2-20: Anything
CD2-21: Joyride No 2
CD2-22: Hoppie
CD2-23: Organ Grinder Rock
CD2-24: Grits




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