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T.C. Pfeiler:
Blue Rockin' & Jazzin'
Label Tonewheel Records TWR 201602
recorded February - August 2016 in Seekirchen and various locations/Austria
online distribution


T.C. Pfeiler Hammond B-3 organ, Hohner piano, Hohner Clavinet, percussion
Michael Honzak drums


Track List
CD1-01: Bluesiana Blues
CD1-02: Another Blue Rabbit
CD1-03: Blue Twen
CD1-04: Swinging Basement Blues
CD1-05: Blue Rockin'
CD1-06: Shufflin' Blue
CD1-07: My Little Yellow Blue
CD1-08: Blue Cave
CD1-09: Blues It Away
CD1-10: Shufflin' Blue Rabbit
CD1-11: Bluesin' And Hollerin'
CD1-12: Fast Strip
CD1-13: East & Westbound Blues
CD1-14: Wild Funk
CD1-15: Blue Nine
CD1-16: Hot Dot Com
CD1-17: Smoothin' Around With The Blues
CD1-18: Winter Flower Power
CD1-19: Long Tall Blues
CD1-20: Booga Loola
CD1-21: U-Blue
CD1-22: Minorisfaction
CD1-23: Bluesin' You
CD1-24: Rockabooga
CD1-25: Blue Roof
CD2-01: Naked Uho's
CD2-02: Light Blue And Old Fashioned
CD2-03: Show Me Your T.'s And P.'s
CD2-04: Wherever The Blues Is Driving
CD2-05: Twisting Break Beats
CD2-06: Blue Jump
CD2-07: Blue Chick
CD2-08: Blue Lower East Side
CD2-09: The Bumper
CD2-10: Hard Bouncing
CD2-11: Bumpin' The Bump
CD2-12: Waltzin' The Blues Away
CD2-13: Funkin' Around
CD2-14: So Deep In The Blues
CD2-15: Blues It Away
CD2-16: Blue Bettie-Mae's Blues
CD2-17: Mellow Twist
CD2-18: Twist It
CD2-19: Twelve Tone Blues
CD2-20: Stripping Harem
CD2-21: Bluesin' And Hollerin'




Sound Samples
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