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Benjamin Saunders:
Gracious Groove (The Organ Music Of Dick Hyman)
Label Pro Organo CD 7269
recorded at the organ of the cathedral in Leeds/Great Britain
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Benjamin Saunders church organ


Track List
Millennial Countdown
01: Movement I
02: Movement II
03: Movement III

The Happy Breed
04: Air For Rock Organ
05: Cocktails And Pedals
06: Throwaway
07: Brazil 99
08: Under The Fingers
09: Slumpin'

Thinking About Bix
10: Thinking About Bix

Indiana Variations
11: Swinging Indiana
12: Ready Or Not
13: Escape From The Woojies
14: Retro / Bix Mix
15: Walking And Chewing
16: Ain't It Just The Truth?
17: In An Manhattan Minute
18: Requiem For The Century
19: In Steady Pursuit
20: Thelonius I.O.U.
21: Gracious Groove
22: Points Of View
23: Big Finish

Variations On Shenandoah
24: Variations On Shenandoah




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