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Sven Hammond:
Label VG-Music
recorded live 05 February 2016 at the Paard van Troje in Den Haag/The Netherlands
online distribution


Sven Figee organ, piano
Tim Eijmaal guitar
Glenn Gaddum jr. bass
Joost Kroon drums
Ivan Peroti vocals


Track List
01: The Usual Aspect
02: Pain
03: Hero
04: Resonating Heartbeat
05: Diamond Drink
06: Kiss The Ground
07: Hammond Solos
08: Down & Dirty
09: Manic Depression
10: King
11: Wade
12: Children Of The Dark
13: Choosy Lover
14: Brother Drunk
15: Bad News
16: Fly
17: After Smoke
18: Shame
19: Happy People




Sound Samples
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