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Ricky Peterson:
Under The Radar
Label Leopard D 77079
recorded in Minneapolis, MN/USA
online distribution


Ricky Peterson keyboards, vocals
Jason Peterson DeLaire alto sax
Tom Peterson saxes
Leee Thornberg trumpet
Ira Nepus trombone
Williard Peterson bass
Paul Peterson drums, guitar, vocals


Track List
01: One For Horace
02: Under The Radar
03: Hey Brother
04: Sit This One Out
05: Peter
06: Blue Cadillac
07: After The Fun
08: I Think I'll Be OK
09: Love Is The Only Way
10: Maypo
11: Fredlip


Call them the Groove-Brothers - on this new release by Ricky Peterson the Peterson Brothers + a cousin come together to present their funky sound, which has its roots in the 1970s and 1980s. Ricky Peterson, an experienced keyboard player, especially on the legendary Hammond organ, shows his skills in swinging and grooving. Amazing.


Sound Samples
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Ricky Peterson - Under The Radar


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