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Larry Goldings:
Label Colorfield Records CF002
recorded in Los Angeles, CA/USA
online distribution


Larry Goldings piano, celeste, pump organ, synthesizers, mellotron, Hammond organ, Moog bass
Danny Janklow alto sax, baritone sax
Harry Allen tenor sax
Daphne Chen violin


Track List
01: Earthshine
02: Circling Hours
03: Agatha
04: 5:01 AM
05: Quirley
06: Plastic Heart
07: Leaving Behind
08: Aphelion
09: Gospel Of Fog
10: I Gotta Go
11: Confetti Clouds
12: Death Of Mars
13: Irreversible Numbers
14: Oort
15: Doubtful Guests
16: Out To Pasture
17: Mariposa
18: Dream Of Omara
19: Peter Falk




Sound Samples
MP3 n/a Spotify complete album:
Larry Goldings - Earthshine


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