Organ Summit at the Iridium
New York/USA, 15 december 2004
Jimmy McGriff    Melvin Davis    Reuben Wilson
Lonnie Smith    Vince Seneri    organ summit
Nathan Lucas    organ summit    organ summit
Vince Seneri & Jimmy McGriff    organ summit    Richard McCrea
Jimmy McGriff & The Professor   

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All the pics were taken the first set. Dr. Lonnie Smith was a no show for the first set. Grant Green Jr. had problems with his amp and left after the first tune. Victor Lewis played drums and Bernard Purdie sat in on the last number of the set. Local B3 organist Vince Seneri also sat in with Melvin Davis who was subbing for Dr. Lonnie. Despite all these problems the 3 B3s, Jimmy McGriff, and Reuben Wilson really rocked the house.
Jim Eigo, Jazz Promo Services