Filming at the Legion Post
a documentary on jazz in Harlem (2006)
Seleno Clarke plays his famous BJ's Blues    Seleno Clarke    >Seleno Clarke introduces Mel Davis
Mel Davis    Mel Davis    Seleno Clarke
Mel Davis    A guitar player joins the jam session    Dido on drums, a Harlem icon
Matthias on organ, a native of Germany who has discovered the Legion Post    A singer sits in and does a song    Cecil sings a blues

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All pictures with compliment of the "Professor".
This segment of the film features Seleno and his Sunday night jam session on the Hammond that has been going on for years.
Seleno also paid tribute to one of the Legion members, Dino (drummer). The Professor played about five songs, but no one took pictures. He will be in the documentary playing, as well as speaking on the Hammond organ history, his influences and where he feels the Hammond is heading in the future.