Trenton Jazz Fest-Organ Summit
for Jimmy McGriff (2005)
Trudy Pitts    Trudy Pitts    >Larry Young III, Mel Davis, Rob Benson, GB, Earl Grice, Seleno Clarke,
Nat Lucas
Mel Davis and George Benson    Mel Davis and Trudy Pitts    Larry Young III (son of Larry Young) and Rob Benson(son of George Benson)
Radam Schwartz Trio    Mel Davis and George Benson    Radam Schwartz
George Benson       Ritchie Cole
Radam Schwartz and Nathan Lucas      
Jared Gold    Jimmy McGriff, the honoree    Nathan Lucas
Jimmy McGriff    Trudy Pitts   
Seleno Clarke    Jimmy McGriff    Radam Schwartz

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All pictures with compliment of the "Professor".
These pictures were taken from an all-star show that was given by the Trenton Jazz Festival for Jimmy McGriff in 2005.