march 2006:
Bruno Erminero

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picture of Bruno Eerminero Bruno tells his story
how he came to the organ:

In 1979, when I was sixteen, I was studying only classical music. Then a friend showed me a Deep Purple LP. That opened my eyes to the "...other side...".
After a while someone asked me to swap it for the ELP first album...mmmmh, the cover was strange, no way to understand what kind of music could it be. I accepted and that was like an illumination, man! I fell in love with the music of Keith Emerson and the incredible sound of his Hammond organ.
I had to wait till eighteen to get from my parents my first organ: a sparkling-red-two-keyboard EKO TIGER DUO...I was on the road! After some years I got my first Hammond organ: the X-5 with an amazing Mini Moog (still alive and kicking). My dream was about to come true, I could be the new Emerson (Oh don't take me wrong, that was just one of those ego-trips the boys have when in their teens).
After some years, though I was playing rock and fusion, I started studying jazz piano (for me the organ was only a rock instrument then), but a friend musician told me about a certain Jimmy Smith, so I bought my first jazz organ CD: "House Party", another illumination! I couldn't believe my ears. Who is the bass player?... he's not there?...and who plays the bass lines then?...the organ player?!?...unbelievable to me!
That was the way I started getting into the feeling for the jazz organ. And here I am, with my ever reliable portable C3 (with a pedal board) that keeps my company wherever I play. I mainly play jazz today, but I think I could not be defined a jazz organist as I'm so much influenced by various styles, I like to be contaminated! But you can believe me if I say that I still vividly recall the day this instrument came into my life and I immediately knew it was to stay until the twelfth of never!
Bruno Erminero
Bruno has also produced an audio file (05:24 min, 5,069 kB) speaking about his way to the Hammond organ. Click on the MP3 logo to listen to Bruno !