Action - Reaction
Lyrae Records
recorded january 2000 in Brussel/Belgium
Paul Flush, Hammond organ
Johan Vandendriessche, saxes, flute, bass clarinet, drums
Frank Michiels, percussion, wavedrum, didgeridoo
Top Secret
Blue Note 07243-5341202
recorded 2001
Marc Moulin, synthesizer
Bert Joris, trumpet
Djaffar Bensetti, trumpet
Johan Vandendriessche, tenor sax, baritone sax, flute, drums
Philip Cathérine, guitar
Paul Flush, Hammond B3 organ
Christa, vocals
Ron Mael, voice
Bart Maris, flugelhorn, trumpet
Ménage Artois
mogno j017
recorded summer2003 and january 2004 in Belgium
Paul Flush, Hammond organ
Charles Loos, piano
Luc Van den Bosch, drums


Sound Samples
MP3 "Satin Doll", from the album "Action - Reaction"
06:31 - 6,116kB
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