The Demagogue Reacts: Action - Reaction

cover picture Lyrae Records

Paul Flush, Hammond organ
Johan Vandendriessche, saxes, flute, bass clarinet, drums
Frank Michiels, percussion, wavedrum, didgeridoo

Forget all you know about organ jazz! Paul Flush leads us into his own world of organ; he has created a style very of his own, experimenting with tonal and harmonic patterns seldom heard before, widely using clusters. Nevertheless his music keeps comfortable listening to. Now excited, in the next moment reflective, coupled with a sure instinct of his organ's sound - that's what Paul presents to his amazed listeners when interpreting songs of - mainly - Duke Ellington. At the beginning you can hardly recognize them but once get used to the way Paul plays the organ you will love it.
We should not forget to mention Johan and Frank who play in full harmony with the organ. Johan does an outstanding job.


Download a sound sample (MP3) of this album:
"Satin Doll" by klicking on the MP3-label.


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