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Valéry Tarondeau
Valéry (*1963) began the academic learning of the piano at the age of 6. He quickly felt the need to frank himself from the "yoke" imposed by the Music College. At This time, he discovered the jazz organists Milt Bucker and Jimmy Smith, without realizing that these organ players would play an important role in his life.
Age 14, Valéry decided to teach himself composing, improvising and living through the music. He gradually initiated himself to the jazz which soon became his own world.
1989, he began his studies at the CIM (French jazz school in Paris). This allowed him to go further into bases acquired by the practice, to meet other musicians and to discover the professional world of jazz.
At this time, the Hammond organ became the instrument of his choice, and jazz his way of living the music. However, traditionalism does not satisfy him, Valéry prefers composing music of his own, certainly drawing inspirations from jazz music in general, but above all from his own feelings.
Software designer he is, Valéry is able to combine computer and music easily. Between 1990 and 1995, he worked on a project which led, in 2000, to a composition called "Homework".
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Homework I
recorded February 2000 in France
Valéry Tarondeau, Hammond organ, piano

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