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Martin Archer
Martin (* 1957) is a jazz saxophonist and keyboardist. He entered the British improvisational jazz scene at age 15. His first working band was Bass Tone Trap, with which he recorded an album in the early 1980s. In 1983 he founded the band Hornweb, which released three albums. He also released a solo album called Wild Pathway Favourites in 1988 on his own label, Discus.
In 1993, Martin disbanded Hornweb, temporarily gave up the saxophone, and adopted synthesizers and electronic music. His first solo album in this new style was Ghost Lily Cascade in 1996. His usual recording method is to record jazz musicians as they improvise on acoustic instruments, and then reconstruct the results electronically. He has since released more than 20 solo albums, usually on his Discus label, which sells both his own records and those by other selected artists via mail order. His 2019 album, Another Fantastic Individual, was recorded entirely solo.
Martin collaborated with electronic musician Chris Bywater in the duo Transient v Resident, which released albums in 1997 and 2001. Martin collaborates periodically with bluegrass/jazz guitarist John Jasnoch under the name Ask. He co-leads the 30-member improvisational singing group Juxtavoices, which has been described as an "antichoir", and periodically performs with the Murmurists. Martin also collaborated with Julie Tippetts on the albums Ghosts of Gold and Tales of Finin.
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Port Of Saints
Discus Music 128CD
Ron Caines, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, kalimba, small percussion
Martin Archer, baritone sax, ensemble saxes, organ, Fender Rhodes
Byron Wallen, trumpet
Ben Higham, tuba
Chris Sharkey, guitar
Graham Clark, violin
Corey Mwamba, vibes
Gus Garside, bass
Johnny Hunter, drums

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