Mauri Sanchis
Born 1974, Mauri taught himself to play keyboards, but his favorite instrument is the Hammond organ. In 1992, he founded the Blues Band. In the years to follow, Mauri made experiences with artists in the USA. In California, Mauri worked with musicians such as Dan Maas, Jay Wood and Gary Hamilton.
A giant step in his career has been the encounter with jazz organ legend Lonnie Smith who made recordings in Spain with guitarist Ximo Tébar. Nowadays, Mauri Sanchis Band is composed by Jorge Lario (guitar), Xavi Alaman (bass) and Manolo Crespo (drums).
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Less Is More
Maos Records SA 00886
recorded 2003 in Spain
Mauri Sanchis, Hammond B-3 organ, e-piano
Jesús Gabaldón, bass
Ximo Tébar, guitar
Santi Navalon, synths, programming
Antonio Mesa, flute
Graham Foster, guitar
Javier Vargas, guitar
Juan Mungia, trumpet
Ricardo Belda, piano
Good Vibes
BHM 1018-2
recorded 2005 in Spain
Mauri Sanchis, Hammond organ, sythesizers
Bill Evans, sax
Dean Brown, guitar
Javier Vargas, guitar
Joey DeFrancesco, trumpet
Blas Fernández, drums
Xavi Alamán, bass
Kiko Berenguer, sax
Raúl García, trumpet
Diego de Lera, bass
BHM 1039-2

Mauri Sanchis, Hammond organ, piano, synthesizers
Dean Brown, guitar
Javier Vargas, guitar
Blas Fernández, drums
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Chuck Loeb, guitar
Sole Gimenez, vocals
Reggie Washington, bass
Keith Anderson, saxes
Live at the XXII Festival Internacional Jazz San Javier
recorded live 27 June 2009 in San Javier/Spain
Mauri Sanchis, Hammond organ
Razl, guitar
Ruben Salvador, trumpet
Julen Izarra, tenor sax
Iñigo Cervera, bass
Blas Fernandez, drums
Damon Robinson, vocal
Danna Leese, vocal
Karl Frieson, vocal
What Did You Expect?
BHM 1054-2
recorded August 2010 in Bilbao/Spain
Mauri Sanchis, Hammond organ
Blas Fernández, guitar
Razl, guitar

Live At Jazz San Javier
recorded June 2007 San Javier/Spain
Mauri Sanchis, Hammond B-3 organ
Blas Fernández, drums
Rober Caballero, bass
Miguel Salvador, guitar
Joserra Zamora, tenor sax
Luis Gutiérrez, alto sax
Javier Vargas, guitar

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