Locus Solus
Rift RIFT 7
recorded may 1983 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
John Zorn, soprano sax, alto sax, clarinet
Wayne Horvitz, Hammond organ
Ikue Mori, drums
Cobra (studio version)
Hat Hut CD 2-60401
recorded may 1986 in New York/USA
John Zorn, prompter
Jim Staley, trombone
Carol Emanuel, harp
Zeena Parkins, harp
Bill Frisell, guitar
Elliott Sharp, guitars, voice
Arto Lindsay, guitar, voice
Anthony Coleman, piano, harpsichord, celeste, Yamaha organ
Wayne Horvitz, piano, Hammond organ, celeste, DX7
David Weinstein, mirage, celeste
Guy Klucevsek, accordion
Bob James, tapes
Christian Marclay, turntables
Bobby Previte, percussion
John Zorn Filmworks
Elektra Nonesuch 9 79270-2
recorded in New York City/USA
released 1988
Bobby Previte, drums, marimba, keyboards, vocals
Bill Frisell, banjo, guitar
Josh Dubin, pedal steel guitar
Guy Klucevsek, accordion
Wayne Horvitz, piano, Hammond organ, harmonica
Ray Anderson, tuba, trombone
Carol Emanuel, harp
Joey Baron, drums
Jim Mussen, drums
Robin Holcomb
Elektra Nonesuch 7559-60983-1
recorded 1990 in Seattle, WA/USA
Robin Holcomb, piano, vocals
Doug Wieselman, clavinet, tenor sax, guitar
Wayne Horvitz, organ, piano, synthsizer, harmonica
Bill Frisell, guitar
Dave Hofstra, bass, tuba
Danny Frankel, drums, percussion
Claude's Late Morning
Gramavision 18-8811-1
recorded april 1987 in New York City/USA
released 1992
Wayne Horvitz, Hammond organ
David Weinstein, keyboards
Bill Frisell, guitar
Robert Quine, guitar
Marty Ehrlich, tenor sax, clarinet
Tom Varner, French horn
Jorn Zorn, alto sax
Fred Frith, bass
David Hofstra, bass
Robert Previte, drums, percussion
Nana Vasconcelos, percussion
Shelly Hirsch, voice
Elektra Musician 9 61289-2
recorded in New York, NY and Hoboken, NJ/USA
released 1992
Robin Holcomb, piano, vocals
Wayne Horvitz, Hammond organ
Dave Hofstra, bass, tuba
Marty Ehrlich, tenor sax
Art Baron, trombone
Doug Wieselman, guitar, tenor sax
Stew Cutler, guitar
Danny Frankel, drums
Alan Bezozi, tambourine
CMP Records CMPCD 67
recorded november 1993 in Seattle, WA/USA
released 1994
Michael Shrieve, drums
Bill Frisell, guitar
Wayne Horvitz, organ
Two Doors
CMP Records CMP CD 74
recorded tracks 1 to 8: may 1995 in Zerkall/Germany
tracks 9 to 19: november 1993 in Seattle, WA/USA
released 1995
Michael Shrieve, drums
Bill Frisell, guitar
Shawn Lane, guitar, voice
Wayne Horvitz, organ
Jonas Hellborg, bass
Cold Spell
Knitting Factory Works KFW 201
Wayne Horvitz, Hammond B3 organ
Timothy Young, guitar
Fred Chalenor, bass
Andy Roth, drums
Downtown Lullaby
Depth of Field DOF 2
recorded in New York, NY/USA
John Zorn, alto sax
Wayne Horvitz, keyboards, Hammond organ, piano
Elliott Sharp, guitars
Bobby Previte, drums
Brand Spankin' New
Knitting Factory Records KFR-223

Wayne Horvitz, Hammond B3 organ, synthesizer, piano
Timothy Young, guitar
Fred Chalenor, bass
Andy Roth, drums
Good Dog Happy Man
Nonesuch 7559-79536-2
recorded in Burbank, CA/USA
Bill Frisell, guitars
Greg Leisz, steels, guitar, mandolin
Wayne Horvitz, organ, piano, samples
Viktor Krauss, bass
Jim Keltner, drums, percussion


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