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Greg Mathieson
Greg (*1950 in Los Angeles, CA) started piano lessons at the age of 10, and then switched to the trumpet at age 14. In 1968 Greg went to Valley College where he switched back to piano and joined the "A" jazz band.
In 1970 he decided to become a professional musician. From 1971 to 1974, Greg played casuals (wedding receptions, parties etc.) then a series of club gigs. Greg replaced Edgar Winter in White Trash, cut an album with them, and played the Whiskey a Go Go. Greg was in Al Jarreau's band, at the Troubadour club. From 1974 to 1976, he traveled with Helen Reddy around the world and from 1976 to 1978, he traveled with Olivia Newton-John.
In 1977, Greg started his own fusion band and started playing at Jazz clubs like the "Baked Potato" in North Hollywood. At this same time he met Larry Carlton. In 1978 Greg made a commitment to stop traveling and become a part of the vibrant L.A. studio scene. It was at this time he played and arranged his first hits with Donna Summer, Barbara Streisand, Deniece Williams, the sound track for Midnight Express and two big hit albums with Umberto Tozzi in Europe. In the early 1980's he tried very successfully his hand at producing. For the rest of the 80's, he made two solo albums. In 1981 he recorded a live album, "Super Live At The Baked Potato". In the 1990's, Greg continued to play with his band in L.A., but spent most of his time traveling and producing in Europe.
In his playing career he has played Jazz with Al Jarraeu, Manhattan Transfer, Natalie Cole, Michael Bublé and Larry Carlton, Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Blues, Country, Soul, Gospel, World, Latin and Reggae.
Greg has also had a great live performance career. He has played all over the world from clubs in NY, Japan and Milano/Italy. He has played for the troops at Fort Bragg and for the King of Thailand, also on TV shows.
Greg thinks he's one of the luckiest guys in the world. In the last 3 years he's played with Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson jr and Dean Parks. He continues to play with "The Ministry" and his new favorite Christian instrumental band, "Open Hands" with Abraham Laboriel sr on bass, Justo Almario on woodwinds, Bill Maxwell on drums and of coarse Greg on Hammond B-3. Greg now believes that the Hammond B-3 is now his main instrument. He feels like he has "found his home" even if it took him 40 years to figure this out. He continues to do studio work. Producing, arranging, writing and is now adding teaching to his schedule so that he can give back some of the knowledge that he has accumulated over he is extensive career.
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contact: gregsgroove@aol.com
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Robbie Krieger & Friends
Blue Note LA664-H
recorded in North Hollywood, CA/USA and Los Angeles,CA/USA
released 1977
Robbie Krieger, guitar
Joel Peskin, sax
Jock Ellis, trombone
Gary Barone, trumpet
Sal Marquez, trumpet
Joel Peskin, piccolo flute
Ron Stockert, clavichord
Sal Marquez, clavichord
Greg Mathieson, organ
Jimmy Smith, organ
Stu Goldberg, organ, synthesizer
Sal Marquez, piano, synthesizer
Bob Glaub, bass
Kenny Wild, bass
Reggie McBride, bass
Sal Marquez, bass
Bruce Gary, drums
Ed Green, drums
John Densmore, Reggae drum
Eddie Talamantes, bongos
Bruce Gary, bells
Perico, congas
Eddie Talamantes, timbales
Bruce Gary, timpani
Afreeka Trees, vocals
Robbie Krieger, vocals
Sharon Robinson, vocals
Ray Pizzi
Pablo Records 2310 795
recorded September 1976 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
released 1977
Ray Pizzi, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute, bassoon
Dan Sawyer, guitar
John Morell, guitar
Mark Levine, piano
Greg Mathieson, piano, organ, keyboards
Joel Di Bartolo, bass
John Heard, bass
Peter Donald, drums
Mark Stevens, percussion
Kenji Shock
Alfa ALR-6010
recorded in Hollywood, CA/USA
released 1978
Kenji Omura, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Kim Hutchcroft, sax
Larry Williams, sax
Bill Reichenbach, trombone
Jerry Hey, trumpet
Patrice Rushen, keyboards
Greg Mathieson, organ
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
Abraham Laboriel, bass
Mike Porcaro, bass
Harvey Mason, drums
Jeff Porcaro, drums
Victor Feldman, percussion
Strikes Twice
Warner Bros. BSK 3380
recorded August 1980 in Hollywood, CA/USA
Larry Carlton, guitar, vocals
Don Freeman, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, piano
Brian Mann, keyboards, synthesizer
Greg Mathieson, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, synthesizer, organ
Terry Trotter, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Robert 'Pops' Popwell, bass
John Ferraro, drums
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Warner Bros. BSK 3635
recorded in North Hollywood, CA/USA
released in 1982
Larry Carlton, guitar
Carlos Rios, guitar
David Sanborn, sax
Don Freeman, piano
Greg Mathieson, piano
Terry Trotter, piano
Don Freeman, organ
Greg Mathieson, organ, piano, synthesizer
Brian Mann, synthesizer
Abe Laboriel, bass
Pops Popwell, bass
Jeff Porcaro, drums
John Ferraro, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Black Forest
Denon CJ 74100
recorded June 1989 in Hollywood, CA/USA
Luis Conte, congas
Jeff Porcaro, drums
James Harrah, guitar
David Witham, keyboards
Greg Mathieson, organ
Joel Peskin, sax
Orestes Vilato, timbales
Jeff Weber, vocals
Flying Cowboys
Geffen Records 424 246-2
released 1989
Rickie Lee Jones, guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Bob Sheppard, sax
Marty Krystall, English horn, clarinet, tenor saxophone
Vince Mendoza, trumpet
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Buzz Feiten, guitar
Dean Parks, guitar
Sal Bernardi, guitar
Greg Mathieson, Hammond B-3 organ
William 'Smitty' Smith, organ
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
Pascal Nabet-Meyer, synthesizer, piano, percussion
Michael Omartian, piano
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Chris Smith, harmonica
Gary Coleman, vibes
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Rob Wasserman, bass
Ed Alton, bass
Walter Becker, bass
John Robinson, drums
Peter Erskine, drums
Paulinho da Costa, percussion
Michael Fisher, percussion
Bob Zimmitti, percussion
Speaking In Melodies
Sheffield Lab CD-35
released 1993
Michael Ruff, piano, organ, vocals
Jerry Petersen, sax
Nils Landgren, trombone
Dean Parks, guitar
Henrik Janson, guitar, cello
Greg Mathieson, organ, synthesizer
Pat Coil, synthesizer
Abraham Laboriel, bass
Lars Danielsson, bass
Leland Sklar, bass
John Robinson, drums
Per Lindvall, drums
Alex Acuña, percussion
Lenny Castro, percussion
Luis Conte, percussion
Michael Fisher, percussion
Mike Shapiro, percussion
Justo Almario & Abraham Laboriel
Integrity Music 00822
recorded in North Hollywood, CA/USA
released 1995
Justo Almario, clarinet, flute, sax
Abraham Laboriel sr, bass, guitar
Abe Laboriel jr, drums
Bill Maxwell, drums
Harlan Rogers, organ, piano, keyboards
Greg Mathieson, piano, keyboards, Hammond organ
Atle Bakken, keyboards
Michale Thompson, guitar
Paul Jackson jr, guitar
Charles Everett, violin
Robert Becker, viola
Luis Conte, percussion
Count Me In
Integrity Music 08942
recorded in Los Angeles, CA and New York City/USA
released 1995
Justo Almario, sax, flute, clarinet, keyboards
Dan Markese, baritone sax
Arturo Velasco, trombone
Harry Kim, trumpet
Daniel Fornero, trumpet
Dave Valentin, flute
Alex Al, guitar
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Phil Hamilton, guitar
Ramon Stagnaro, guitar
Bill Cantos, keyboards
Mark Levang, keyboards
Rique Pantoja, keyboards
Jimmy Tanaka, piano, keyboards
Greg Mathieson, piano, keyboards, Hammond B-3 organ
Russell Ferrante, piano
Bill O'Connell, piano
Alex Al, synthesizer
Abraham Laboriel, bass
Alex Al, bass
Guillermo Guzman, bass
Oskar Cartaya, bass
Bill Maxwell, drums
Richie Morales, drums
Robby Ameen, drums
Will Kennedy, drums
Justo Almario, percussion
Luis Conte, percussion
Marc Quinoñes, percussion
Donnie McClurkin, vocals
Justo Almario, vocals
Val Gonzalo, vocals
Helen Baylor, vocals
Tribute To Jeff
Zebra Records ZD 44005-2
recorded April through August 1996 in various studios in USA
David Garfield, keyboards, synthesizer, organ, piano
Brandon Fields, soprano sax, alto sax
Michael Paulo, alto sax
Tom Scott, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
Larry Klimas, tenor sax
Bob Sheppard, tenor sax
Steve Porcaro, horn, synthesizer
Walt Fowler, flugelhorn, trumpet
Jerry Hey, flugelhorn, trumpet
Denny Dias, guitar
Larry Carlton, guitar
David Williams, guitar
Paul Barrére, slide guitar
Jay Graydon, guitar
Fred Tackett, guitar
Paul Jackson jr, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Steve Lukather, guitar
Eddie Van Halen, guitar
David T. Walker, guitar
Michael Landau, guitar, vocals
Mike Finnigan, organ
Benmont Tench, organ
Greg Mathieson, Hammond organ
David Paich, organ, piano
David Benoit, piano
Joe Sample, piano
Greg Phillinganes, piano
Michael Boddicker, synthesizer
James Newton Howard, clavinet
Emil Richards, vibes
Jimmy Haslip, bass
Nathan East, bass
Jimmy Johnson, bass
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr, bass
John Pena, bass
Boz Scaggs, bass
Mike Porcaro, bass
Leland Sklar, bass
"Ready" Freddie Washington, bass
Will Lee, bass, vocals
Peter Erskine, drums
Gregg Bissonette, drums
John Ferraro, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Richie Hayward, drums
Ralph Humphrey, drums
Tris Imboden, drums
Steve Jordan, drums
Chris Porcaro, drums
Joe Porcaro, drums
Abe Laboriel jr, drums
Miles Porcaro, drums
Nico Porcaro, drums
Carlos Vega, drums
Dave Weckl, drums
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums
John Guerin, drums, tom-tom
Jim Keltner, drums, tambourine
Simon Phillips, drums, gong
Michito Sánchez , drums, percussion
Lenny Castro, chekere, congas, drums, percussion, tambourine
Vinnie Colaiuta, cymbals, drums
Luis Conte Bata, congas, percussion, tambourine
Chase Porcaro Duddy, tom-tom
Luis Enrique, congas, cowbell
Chris Trujillo, congas
Michael McDonald, vocals
Jeff Porcaro, voices
Jason Scheff, vocals
Live Praise & Worship
Phil Driscoll Music Group 09704
recorded live at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajun, CA/USA
Phil Driscoll, piano, trumpet, vocals
Justo Almario, alto sax
David E. Williams, guitar
Tony Maiden, guitar
Will McFarland, guitar
Bill Mason, keyboards
Greg Mathieson, organ
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Alex Acuña, percussion
Bill Maxwell, drums
Live! With Friends
Word Music 7019956602
recorded live at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajun, CA/USA
Phil Driscoll, piano, trumpet, vocals
Justo Almario, alto sax
David E. Williams, guitar
Tony Maiden, guitar
Will McFarland, guitar
Bill Mason, keyboards
Greg Mathieson, organ
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Alex Acuña, percussion
Bill Maxwell, drums
Live At The Baked Potato 2000
recorded live June and July 2000 at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood, CA/USA
Greg Mathieson, keyboards
Michael Landau, guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
A440 Music Group 4008
recorded in Calabasas, CA/USA
Brian Bromberg, bass
Dan Higgins, sax
Larry Williams, sax
Andy Martin, trombone
Gary Grant, trumpet
Jerry Hey, trumpet
Gannin Arnold, guitar
Greg Mathieson, Hammond B-3 organ
Jeff Lorber, piano
Dave Kochanski, keyboards
Derrick Walker, drums
West Coast Groove
Mathieson Music

Greg Mathieson, organ, bass
Abraham Laboriel, guitar, bass, drums
Michael Landau, guitar
Casey Young, bass
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Luis Conte, percussion
Bill Champlin, vocals
Trav'lin' Light
Verve Records 0602517365049

Queen Latifah, vocals
Gary Bias, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Jeff Clayton, alto sax
Keith Fiddmont, alto sax
Dan Higgins, alto sax, tenor sax, alto flute
Charlie Owens, tenor sax
Joel Peskin, tenor sax, baritone sax, alto flute
Lee Callet, clarinet, baritone sax
Rick Baptist, trumpet
Wayne Bergeron, flugelhorn, trumpet
Larry Hall, flugelhorn, trumpet
Gary Grant, flugelhorn, trumpet
George Bohanon, trombone
Alex Iles, trombone
Andrew Martin, trombone
Reggie C. Young, trombone
William Frank 'Bill' Reichenbach jr., bass trombone, tuba
Maurice Spears, bass trombone
James Ford III, trumpet
Gilbert Castellanos, trumpet
Ron King, trumpet
Oscar Castro-Neves, guitar
John Goux, guitar
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Michael Landau, guitar
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Jim Cox, keyboards
George Duke, Fender Rhodes, piano
Greg Mathieson, keyboards, organ
Joe Sample, piano
Alan Pasqua, keyboards
string section
Gayle Levant, harp
Toots Thielemans, harmonica
Stevie Wonder, harmonica
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Christian McBride, bass
Alex Al, bass
Mike Valerio, bass
Jeff Hamilton, drums
Abe Laboriel jr., drums
Luis Conte, percussion
Kevin Ricard, percussion
Outside In
Innervision Records & Entertainment INN901
Craig Sharmat, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mark Hollingsworth, sax, flute
Rick Braun, trumpet
John Findlay, keyboards
Gregg Karukas, organ
Greg Mathieson, organ, piano
Nate Najar, piano
Philippe Saisse, piano
Beneditk Fischer, violin
Dan Lutz, bass
Rayford Griffin, drums
Luis Conte, percussion
Denarris, vocals
John Mahon, vocals
Bop! Bang! Boom!
Futurism Records FR-2055
recorded July through November 2011 in Studio City, CA/USA
Grant Geissman, guitar, sitar, percussion
Brian Scanlon, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Tom Scott, alto sax, tenor sax
Trey Henry, tuba, bass
Dennis C. Brown, guitar, harmonica
Larry Carlton, guitar
Albert Lee, guitar
Chuck Lorre, guitar
Corey Allen, piano
Jim Cox, Hammond B-3 organ
Russell Ferrante, Fender Rhodes
Mike Finnigan, Hammond B-3 organ
Doug Lacey, accordion
Greg Mathieson, Hammond B-3 organ
Emilio Palame, Fender Rhodes
Van Dyke Parks, accordion
Tom Ranier, piano
Kevin Axt, bass
Leland Sklar, bass
Ray Brinker, drums
Alex Acuña, percussion
Brian Kilgore, percussion

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