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Frederick Neal
Frederick is a keyboarder and singer in his brother's band, Kenny Neal, since he was in his teens. Further details unknown.
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Let Life Flow
DixieFrog DFGCD 8647

Kenny Neal, bass, guitar, harmonica, vocals
"AG" Alphonso Guillory, sax
Nadège, sax
Pierre Chabrele, trombone
Bonny Fields, trumpet
Joe Campbell, trumpet
Lucky Peterson, organ, piano
Jimmy Adams, piano
Frederick Neal, keyboards
Kenny Neal jr., keyboards, percussion, bass
Darnell Neal, bass
Bryan Morris, drums
Hooked On Your Love
Dixiefrog DFGCD 8693
recorded in Nashville, TN/USA
Kenny Neal, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Carle Vickers, soprano sax, tenor sax
Melvin Jackson, alto sax
Stanley Abernathy, trumpet
Kenny Anderson, trumpet
James 'Boogaloo' Bolden, trumpet
Joe Campbell, trumpet
Cory Distefano, trumpet
Chris Dunn, trombone
Big James Montgomery, trombone
Tyree Neal, guitar, synthesizer
Vasti Jackson, guitar
Frederick Neal, clavinet, organ, piano
Lucky Peterson, clavinet, keyboards, organ, piano, synthesizer
Darnell Neal, bass
Tony Coleman, drums
Bryan Morris, drums
Kenny Neal jr., drums, percussion

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