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George Papageorge
George Papageorge was born on 08 August 1971 in Boston/MA. He has been living in New York City as a full time jazz/blues and funk organist since fall 1997. He recorded with soulsinger Mighty Sam Mclain during the mid 90's and has been touring and in the studio with souljazz guitar great Melvin Sparks. Papageorge recorded his own trio record that features guitarist Randy Johnston. George has also co written several tunes on Mighty Sam's AudioQuest records. The Papageorge Organ trio has also performed at New York City's classic 55 Bar. Comparisons have often been made between Papageorge and the late great Charles Earland.
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Pressure Cooker
Tone-Cool Records CD TC 1162
recorded in Newton, MA/USA
Kid Bangham, guitar
Amyl Justin, vocals
George Lewis, guitar
Scott Shetler, tenor sax
Gordon 'Sax' Beadle, baritone sax
Barry Fleisher, baritone sax
Keiichi Hashimoto, trumpet
Tom West, organ, piano
Alizon Lissance, piano
Bruce Bears, organ, piano
Ron Levy, organ
George Papageorge, organ
Richard Rosenblatt, harmonica
Dean Cassell, bass
Dave Clark, bass
Jacques Raymond, bass
John Rider, bass
Jon Ross, bass
Steve Brown, drums
Craig MacIntyre, drums
Mean Blues
Amogla Records
recorded August/September 2001 in New York City/USA
Floyd Lee, vocals
Zach Zunis, guitar
Joel Poluck, guitar, lap steel guitar
George Papageorge, organ
Anthony Kane, harmonica
George Beckett, harmonica
Brad Vickers, bass
Michael Fox, drums
What You Hear Is What You Get
Nectar NR 20021
recorded 2002 in USA
Melvin Sparks, guitars, bass, vocals
Joe Hrbek, alto sax
George Papageorge, Hammond B-3 organ
Carter McLean, drums
Tim Luntzel, bass
Reuben Wilson, Hammond B-3 organ
Topaz, tenor sax
Ain't Doin' Nothin' Wrong
Amogla Records
recorded August 2002 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Floyd Lee, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Joel Poluck, guitar
George Papageorge, Hammond organ
Brad Vickers, bass
Mike Fox, drums

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