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Art Neville
Art (*1937) grew up in New Orleans. He started on piano and performed with his brothers at an early age. He was influenced by the R&B styles of James Booker, Bill Doggett, Booker T. Jones, Lloyd Glenn and Professor Longhair. Neville performed regularly in New Orleans, joined the U.S. Navy in 1958, and returned to music in 1962.
In early 1960s Neville formed the Neville Sounds. The band included Aaron Neville, Cyril Neville, George Porter, Leo Nocentelli, and Ziggy Modeliste. Shortly after, Aaron and Cyril left the group. The remaining four members continued playing at the Nitecap and the Ivanhoe nightclubs. Over time the band's style came to represent New Orleans funk.
In the late 1960s the band changed its name to The Meters. The band gained notoriety in the rock music community including with musicians Paul McCartney, Robert Palmer and The Rolling Stones. The group disbanded in late 1970s.
In 1978 Neville and his brothers Cyril, Aaron and Charles formed The Neville Brothers. In 1981 music critic Stephen Holden wrote: The Neville Brothers' style of soul music combines "funk, doo-wop, reggae and salsa under the banner of New Orleans rhythm and blues". During this period, Neville performed several shows with the original Meters bandmates including a 1989 reunion at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Following that performance, Neville, Porter, Nocentelli and Russell Batiste formed The Funky Meters. The lineup changed in 1994 with Brian Stoltz replacing Nocentelli on guitar. Neville performed concurrently with both The Neville Brothers and The Funky Meters.
In a 1995 interview, Neville spoke about the joy of live improvisation. He said "The best part, to me, is when the [rhythm] just evolves into some other stuff." Neville received a Grammy in 1989 with The Neville Brothers for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. He received a Grammy in 1996 with various artists for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in "SRV Shuffle", a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was nominated for a Grammy in 1999 in category Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance. He received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 as a member of The Meters.
Neville retired from music in December 2018. He died in New Orleans on 22 July 2019, after years of declining health.
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Josie JOS 4012
recorded in New Orleans, LA/USA
released 1970

Art Neville, organ, vocals
Leo Nocentelli, guitar
George Porter jr., bass
Ziggy Modeliste, drums
Cabbage Alley
Reprise Records MS 2076
recorded in New Orleans, LA/USA
released 1972

Art Neville, keyboards, organ, piano, tambourine, vocals
Arthur 'Red' Neville, organ, piano, tambourine, cowbell, vocals
Leo Nocentelli, guitar, tambourine, vocals
George Porter jr., bass
Ziggy Modeliste, drums, gourd, wood block, cowbell
Cyril Neville, congas
Squirell, congas
The Grand Tour
A&M Records 31454 0086 2
recorded in New Orleans, LA/USA
released 1993

Aaron Neville, vocals
Ernie Watts, sax
Plas Johnson, sax
Charles Neville, sax
Lee Thronburg, horn
Nick Lane, horn
Lon Price, horn
Greg & Bev Smith, horn
Freebo, tuba
Paul Jackson jr, guitar
Fred Tackett, guitar
Dean Parks, guitar, mandolin
Jim Cox, organ, piano, Wurlitzer
Art Neville, organ
JayDee Mannes, pedal steel
Chuck Berghofer, bass
"Ready" Freddie Washington, bass
Ed Greene, drums
John Guerin, drums
Ajay Mallery, drums
Lenny Castro, percussion
M.B. Gordy, bells
Cyril Neville, vocals
Linda Ronstadt, vocals
Congratulations I'm Sorry
A&M Records 31454 0469 2

Rick Purcell, guitar
Robbie Turner, pedal steel guitar
Scott Johnson, guitar
Jesse Valenzuela, guitar, vocals
Robin Wilson, guitar, vocals
Art Neville, Hammond B-3 organ
Rick Steff, accordion
Bill Leen, bass
Phillip Rhodes, drums, percussion
Uptown Rulin' - The Best Of The Neville Brothers
A&M Records 069 490403 2

Aaron Neville, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Art Neville, keyboards, organ, vocals
Charles Neville, alto sax, tenor sax, keyboards, percussion, vocals Cyril Neville, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Ivan Neville, percussion
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Greg Tardy, tenor sax
Carl Blouin, baritone sax
Snakebite, baritone sax
Amadee Castenell jr., sax
Tony Hall, sax, bass, percussion
Jimmy Duggan, trombone
Emanuel Steib, trombone
Joseph Fox III, trumpet
Rev. Curtis Watson, trumpet
Jim Weber, trumpet
Ricky Caesar, tuba
Dann Huff, guitar
Darryl Johnson, guitar, keyboards, bass
Stanley Jordan, guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Steve Miller, guitar, vocals
Leo Nocentelli, guitar, bass
Brian Stoltz, guitar, percussion
Eric Struthers, guitar
David "Hawk" Wolinski, guitar, keyboards, drums
Aashid Himmons, keyboards
Eric Kolb, keyboards
Mac Rebennack, keyboards, percussion
David Barard, bass
Herman V. Ernest III, drums
Willie Green, Chinese drums, drums
Ronald Jones, drums
Ralph MacDonald, percussion
Kenneth "Afro" Williams, percussion
Highway 90
Shose Records 1970-65

Shane Theriot, guitar, vocals
Eric Struthers, guitar
Jeffery Scott Wills, soprano sax
Johnny Neel, Hammond C-3 organ, voice
Art Neville, organ
Tom Reynolds, keyboards, piano
Randy Hoexter, piano
Jo-El Sonnier, accordion
Victor Wooten, bass
Paul Chapman, bass
Adam Nitti, bass
Kim Stone, bass
Willie Green, drums
J.D. Blair, drums
David Northrup, drums
Jim Roberts, percussion
Earl Smith, vocals
Nick Daniels, vocals
Tell It 20381
recorded in Silverlake, CA and Los Angeles, CA/USA
Aaron Neville, vocals
Jim Horn, alto sax, baritone sax
Sam Levine, tenor sax
Charles Neville, tenor sax
Chris Dunn, trombone
Steve Patrick, flugelhorn, trumpet
Blue Miller, guitar
Dean Parks, guitar
Shane Theriot, guitar
Jim Cox, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer
Art Neville, Hammond organ
Michael Goods, keyboards
John Jarvis, keyboards, piano
Burt Callahan, violin
Judith Armistead, violin
Michael Rhodes, bass
"Ready" Freddie Washington, bass
Eddie Bayers, drums
Mark Beckett, percussion
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Walkin' In The Shadow Of Life
Back Porch 72435-70989-2-2
recorded June through December 2003 in New Orleans, LA/USA
Charles Neville, flute, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax
Troy 'Trombone Shorty' Andrews, trumpet
Milton Davis, guitar, bass
David Ryan Harris, guitar
Ian Neville, guitar
Ivan Neville, guitar, bass, clavinet, drums, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, vocals
Art Neville, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, vocals
Aaron 'Fred' Neville jr., drums, vocals
James Bevelle, drums
Cyril Neville, drums, percussion, vocals
Aaron Neville, vocals
Christmas Prayer
Chordant 73631
recorded May 2005 in New Orleans, LA and Nashville, TN/USA
Aaron Neville, vocals
Charles Neville, alto sax
Billy Panda, guitar
Shane Theriot, guitar
Ian Neville, guitar
Blue Miller, guitar
Ivan Neville, Hammond organ
Art Neville, Hammond organ
Steve Nathan, keyboards, piano
Victor Atkins, Fender Rhodes, piano, synthesizer
John Jarvis, keyboards, organ, piano
Michael Goods, keyboards
Judith Armistead, violin
Don Kerce, bass
Chris Severin, bass
Mike Brignardello, bass
Milton Davis, bass, guitar, percussion
Mark Beckett, drums, percussion
Cyril Neville, percussion
Brian Pruitt, drums, percussion
Orleans To London
ESC Records ESC 03713-2
recorded in London/Great Britain
Jimmy McIntosh, guitar
Phil Wigfall, tenor sax
Ron Wood, baritone guitar
Hot Rod, guitar
Ron Wood, guitar
Art Neville, organ
Ivan Neville, organ, vocals
Tom Warrington, bass
Rochon Westmoreland, bass
Jose "Pepe" Jimenez, drums
Willie Green, drums
Cyril Neville, percussion
Bring It On Home...The Soul Classics
Burgundy Records 82876 85489 2
recorded in New Yoprk, NY; Hollywood, CA; Franklin, TN; New Orleans, LA/USA
Aaron Neville, vocals
Dan Higgins, sax
David Sanborn, sax
David Woodford, sax
Chris Botti, trumpet
Lee Thornburg, trumpet
Ray Parker jr., guitar
Heitor Pereira, guitar
Neil Larsen, organ, piano
Art Neville, organ
Joe Sample, piano
"Ready" Freddie Washington, bass
James Gadson, drums
Jack Ashford, tambourine
Lenny Castro, percussion
Chaka Khan, vocals
Mavis Staples, vocals
Brand New Blues
M.C. Records MC0064
recorded in Austin, TX, Brooklyn, NY, Houmala, LA, and New Orleans, LA/USA
Cyril Neville, vocals
Brian J, vocals
Ian Neville, guitar
Tab Benoit, guitar
Art Neville, Hammond B-3 organ
Ivan Neville, Hammond B-3 organ
Hagar Ben Ari, bass
Andy Cotton, bass
Chauncey Yearwood, congas, vocals
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone, harp
Waylon Thibodeaux, washboard

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