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Long before the Hammond was invented the jazz had developped out of its roots of gospels. At the very beginnings the piano took an important roll - who will forget about Jelly Roll Morton or Fats Waller. There were countless organ players who did their job on the local church organ accompanying the choir which sang the wonderful spirituals.  
And it was Fats who initiated the organ as a jazz instrument. At that time it was of course the pipe organ which was to be found mainly in churches, later also in theatres. After the Hammond organ was presented, the pipe (or church) organ was no longer of interest for the jazz - it was unmovable, the sound somewhat heavy.  
For long time the church organ did not play any roll in the jazz music. It was in the 60's that in Europe a certain interest awakened in jazz on the church organ. Young classic organ players discovered a stream of new music in the jazz - and produced lots of compositions which met between classic and jazz music. The very long tradition of organ music in Europe has helped to develop a real scene which gave impulses to interprete many themes in a jazzy way on the church organ.  
Newer technical developments have led to pipe organs with some features known from electronics instruments only, such as MIDI.  
You will find a list of pipe/church organ players and their recordings as follows.


Claus Bantzer Orang Utan
Berry van Berkum Bird & Beyond
Reflections Of Duke
Andreas Böttcher Blue Pipes
Sunday's Symphony
Lost Paradise
Noisy Nightlife
Alien Voices
Space Pipes
Jenseits der Zeit
Live In Meran
Unexpected News
John Wolf Brennan Organic Voices
Christoph Bull First & Grand
Holger Clausen Live at the Neanderkirche in Düsseldorf
Barbara Dennerlein Spiritual Movement No. 1
Spiritual Movement No. 2
Spiritual Movement No. 3
James Dickensen Jazz From The Gallery
Louis van Dijk Louis van Dijk Plays Lennon-McCartney
Kit Downes Obsidian
Organ Recordings Archive Vol. 1 (2017-2020)
Organ Recordings Archive Vol. 2 (2018-2022)
Andy Emler Pause
Lutz Felbick Von Hisdorisch nach Gesus
Clare Fischer Clare Declares
Johannes Gebhardt Chattin' With Bach
George Gruntz St. Peter Power
Bengt Hallberg Powerhouse - Kraftverk
Jasper van't Hof Un Mondo Illusorio
Un Incontro Illusorio
Fred van Hove Church Organ
Marc Jaquet Flight
Keith Jarrett Hymns Spheres
Kjell Johnsen Aftenland
Kathy Kidd Hajji
Iver Kleive Blå Koral
Lux Aeterna
Nåde Over Nåde
Bernd Köppen Tanz der Altarfiguren
Gero Körner Jazz Guitar Meets Church Organ
Joachim Kühn Sura
Jean-Willy Kunz Impressions
Johannes Landgren In My Solitude
Freedom - The Vision
Stephan Lenz Horn & Pipe
Horn & Pipe (II)
Hans-Martin Limberg Dancing Pipes
Spirit Walk
Cosmic Waltz
Steve Lodder Above The Clouds
Inner Noise
Johannes Matthias Michel Colors Of Pipe Organ Jazz
Burkhard Mohr A Bit Like Soul
Howard Moody Rain On The Window
Michael Naura Ochsenzoll
Vitalij Neugasimov Improvisations
Charlie O. Marguerite
Frank Oidtmann Die Orgel Tanzt
Heinz Reber Cellorganics
Peter Reiter Cathedral
George Russell Othello Ballet Suite / Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1
Benjamin Saunders Gracious Groove (The Organ Music Of Dick Hyman)
Karl Scharnweber ChoralConcert I
ChoralConcert II
Bach - Weihnachtsoratorium
Guitars & Organs
Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich
Bilder einer Ausstellung
Peter Schindler Pipes And Phones
Pipes And Phones Suite
David Schollmeyer Bill Evans On The Organ
Paul Schwarz Sali
Gustaf Sjökvist Antiphone Blues
Ståle Storløkken Ghost Caravan
John Taylor Proverbs And Songs
David Timm Orgel Jazz Improvisation
Various Jazz & Pipe Organ
Mattias Wager Live At Vatnajökull
Fats Waller Fats Waller In London
Hans-Günther Wauer Verschränkte Konstruktionen
Merseburger Begegnung
Andreas Wermeling Organ Goes Jazz & Rock
Franck Woeste Songful
John Zorn The Hermetic Organ Vol. 1
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 2
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 3
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 4
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 5
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 6
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 7


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